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Executive Producer: Ashley March
Co-Executive Producer: Andy Rivera
Producer: Robert Barnete
Associate Producer: Jacqueline B. Mars

Director of Photography: Justin Chiet


Production Designer: David Dwyer 


Costume Designer: Stefanie Cytron

Property Master: Ross Chirico, Chirico Design
1st Assistant Director: Eytan Millstone
SFX Advisor: Elizabeth Andrade, Pixeldust Studios
Sound Advisor: Kevin Hill, Studio Unknown

King Lear, directed by Alexander Barnett, is filming through April 2015 under a SAG-AFTRA New Media contract.  King Lear will be shot in its entirety with some slight editing.  To maintain artistic unity of vision, interiors and  exteriors will be shot on a soundstage.  This will not be a filmed stage production.  A film suggestive of the atmosphere the director would like to create is Murnau's FaustImages of the film can be found here and the film in its entirety here.  The film will be released in black and white or sepia.